MercGG Members
Years of operations
Years of combined leadership experience

Our members have shown to be smart, fun, and loyal. I enjoy every time I am able to get on teamspeak with my fellow Mercs, whether it is teaming up for a serious op, a fun time playing around in game, or even just for conversation.



Our goal is to act and play competitively as a team, and to continually improve ourselves to that end.

We are an organized, fast-moving, teamwork-oriented group focused on accomplishing those strategic objectives in the games we play.  Through cooperation our members have get the most out of playing games by elevating each other’s game play to a higher level.

Our leaders have both the interest and experience in ensuring our group is acting as a team.  The aim is to foster self-reliance and individual knowledge of our players to reduce the amount of direct leadership. With strong individual play, our the team leader can focus on larger meta game decisions and raise the quality of our group’s strategy.

In pursuit of improving ourselves, we dissect and analyze our gameplay. With application of statistics to which context is given by knowledge of the game, our leaders and veteran members offer much for personal development and growth. Whether it be mouse sensitivies or composition selections to counter a specific opponent, discussion of gameplay at all levels  is highly encouraged.

We play with decisive force, with a united team.


Mercenaries (MERC) was formed in Planetside 1 launch day back in 2003, and continues here today. It was a founding and continuing member of The Terran Alliance (TTA), which is still in operation today on the Connery server in Planetside 2.

Total Recoil Outfit (TxR) quickly became one of the biggest outfits on the Planetside 2 Beta servers and grew into a wonderful gaming community.  TxR was an outfit based around camaraderie, team work, and fun. They pride themselves in having members and leaders who excel in tactical warfare and quick redeployment into enemy territory.

With the strong relationship and similar attitude between these two groups made over 2 years, a merger to form the MERC Gaming Group gives both groups great opportunities for the future of their communities.