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IMPORTANT: Copy this message, start a new topic, read the instructions and then fill out the form with your own answers.

We have a couple of requirements for all applicants, please make sure you meet these requirements and follow the instructions when applying.

-18 years or older
-Mature in actions and attitudes
-Ability to get on Teamspeak (TS) (note voice is not required, but being able to listen is)
-Follows the community rules

Instructions / Form

Below you will find the form to fill out when applying for access to our forums. Please copy and paste the application into a new topic with your own answers.

MERC Gaming Group Application Form

My TR character on Connery: TheInsaneMan

My TR character on Emerald:InsanitysReign (This is my main)

Age 18+?

Access to Teamspeak?
I’m sitting in it 🙂

Joined us on TS @ previously?

What game(s) are you interested in joining up with MercGG for?
Planetside 2, and whatever else you guys offer really.

What is your level or rank in this game?
for my TR Connery, BR ~10

for my TR Emerald 74

Any alternate characters?
I also have VS and NC chars, but I don’t play them often.

Where did you hear about us, or why did you want to join?
I’m sure you get this all the time, but I’m interested in Patty/Cyrious’s work, I like what he does for the community, and the stuff I’ve seen of you guys through his videos convinces me that you guys play a good game

Anything else you wish to inform us of?
I cannot do weekends, and I’m higher up in another gaming community within PS2, and those guys always will come first for me.

Tell us a joke!
“What, you want me to tell you a joke? My humour is so dry, It’s like most of the girls I try flirting with every day!” – Me.

Or another, proper joke:

“What walks on 8 legs as an infant, 4 legs as an adult, and 2 legs for the rest of it’s life?” (See picture Attached)

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