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    Fall Damage
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    MERC Gaming Group Application Form

    Fall Damage

    Age 18+?

    Access to Teamspeak?

    Joined us on TS @ previously?
    No but, will after submitting application.

    What game(s) are you interested in joining up with MercGG for? 

    Planetside 2 at the moment, not sure what other games your group plays.

    What is your level or rank in this game?
    Highest BR is 63 on my NC Emerald character.

    Any alternate characters? 

    I’ll give you my entire character roster as follows:

    xDipDipPotatoChipx TR BR 39 Emerald

    SpartanofApproval NC BR 63 Emerald

    FeelDirtyPlayingVanu VS BR 03 Emerald

    XFallDamageX TR BR 01 Connery “EDIT”

    YouGonnaNeedASenzuBean NC BR 01 Connery


    Where did you hear about us, or why did you want to join?
    Cyrious Gaming’s Youtube channel. Have a bit of a backstory too if you’re curious.

    Anything else you wish to inform us of?
    Not off the top of my head, no.

    Tell us a joke!
    MY FACE! “Giggle Snort”

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    Good to see you!
    As per our conversation on ts, come out to a few of our ops and see if we are a good fit.

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    Good to see you also!
    Hope to see you on ops!


    Fall Damage
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    I got the opportunity to be part of an Ops not too long ago and have to say it was a hell of a blast!

    The unfortunately thing about my factory job is that I work 3rd’s and my schedule is wonky as fuck.

    And they’re 12-hour shifts on top of that!

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