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    MERC Gaming Group Application Form


    Age 18+?
    { Yes}

    Access to Teamspeak?
    { Yes}

    Joined us on TS @ previously?
    { No}

    What game(s) are you interested in joining up with MercGG for?
    { Planetside 2}

    What is your level or rank in this game?
    { BR 12  }

    Any alternate characters?
    {xxGrimZore BR 74,xXxGrimZorexXxx BR 100,GrimZore BR 59}

    Where did you hear about us, or why did you want to join?
    {Seen you guys at a few bases}

    Anything else you wish to inform us of?

    Tell us a joke!
    {I invented a new word!    Plagiarism!}

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    Good afternoon,
    Thank-you for your interest in Mercs.
    The best thing to do is sign on to ts and run a couple of ops with us to see if we are a right fit.  This will probably also help you level up to our minimum BR 25 quicker.
    Please note that while we do not require or take attendance at ops on Fri. or Wed. nights, we do expect our outfit members who are playing Planetside at that time to be signed into the ts and in our platoon and not on another PS2 character. Outside of ops times, our members are free to play whatever character/faction they wish.
    We look forward to playing with you,

    P.S. As an English teacher I loved the joke. A+

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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