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    Glad to see you are interested in joining the MERC Gaming Group!

    IMPORTANT: Copy this message, start a new topic, read the instructions and then fill out the form with your own answers.

    We have a couple of requirements for all applicants, please make sure you meet these requirements and follow the instructions when applying.

    -18 years or older
    -Mature in actions and attitudes
    -Ability to get on Teamspeak (TS) (note voice is not required, but being able to listen is)
    -Follows the community rules but particularly: (1) Don’t be a jerk; (2) If on PS2 during MERC ops you must be playing with us & on TS

    Instructions / Form

    Below you will find the form to fill out when applying for access to our forums. Please copy and paste the application into a new topic with your own answers in place of the curly brackets { }.



    MERC Gaming Group Application Form

    {e.g., Lepalose in Planetside 2, SomeName in Warframe, etc. }

    Age 18+?
    { Yes/No }

    Access to Teamspeak?
    { Yes/No }

    Joined us on TS @ previously?
    { Yes/No }

    What game(s) are you interested in joining up with MercGG for?
    { e.g., Planetside 2, Star Citizen, etc. }

    What is your level or rank in this game?
    { e.g., BR100 }

    Any alternate characters?
    {e.g., Yes, LepaloseVS is BR25, and LepaloseNC is BR30}

    Where did you hear about us, or why did you want to join?
    {e.g., I see MERC in game all the time dropping bases and destroying the enemy easily … etc.}

    Anything else you wish to inform us of?
    {e.g., I cannot make it during operation times on Wednesday, … etc.}

    Tell us a joke!
    { The quality of your joke will not affect your submission, but you must tell one… }

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