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    I have to say, I definitely am proud to have gotten this done finally!

    PS2 Stats

    Please check it out! Its pretty simple right now, but if people are using it and are interested I can add in more detail such as weapon kills/deaths, experience earned, summary pages, etc.

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    Stat site update!

    -Corrected (& displaying) suicide event counting on main op summary and on character summary (graph)

    -Added headshot rate (% of total kills) to main op summary table

    This affects the handling of existing data these changes work for displaying all previous and future dates.

    Short discussion about headshot rates: increasing your headshot rate is important. The pure stats here include all kills and the headshot rate reported here is based on this total. As such, the headshot rate may increase or decrease according to your play-style on that day (i.e., vehicle & explosives likely to give lower headshot %’s, sniping likely to increase headshot %). Please keep that in mind when reviewing the stats. I do recommend considering your own play and getting a sense of how it ties into your own performance though!


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    Major update to the stats site … I like the changes … however WARNING – LONG LOAD TIMES AHEAD!

    In my testing server with limited data, loading was fine. I think seeking all the data for averaging totals in the new top bullet graphs is slowing things down.

    Until I figure out how improve the backend, please be patient!


    This update:

    • Summary bullet graphs for Kills/Deaths/XP  (both outfit & single character stats)
    • Graphing selections with Deaths/XP, Kills per minute, Deaths per minute, XP per minute

    Is that it? Felt like a lot of work…



    Future work:

    • Speed up loading/backend calls
    • Add additional tables (XP table, Additional stats table (e.g., # revives, # vehicle kills, etc.), Killboard for character, maybe more?)
    • Longer term: Weapons/Vehicle stat additions (e.g. infantry only headshot rate, weapon kills, kills using vehicles)
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